Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ceremony Decor/Treats

Our ceremony is going to be in a park in the middle of summer so no doubt it will be hot as hell. 

As a result, I initially thought it would be nice to have some water on hand for my guests. Then I saw some templates for dolling up regular old water bottles so duh naturally, I had to have it. So there goes my water bottle:

Then I pondered on the way in which to present these bottles. Since my wedding is kinda self catered, we  really want a lot of self service. so I thought why not just put them in a tub of ice and guests can just take them if they wish. enter the tub from BJ's . I don't have a picture of the actual one but this is close enough. The one I got (well my sister bought and I will use) is not as deep as this one and is a little wider. I will tie an aqua ribbon around it, slap a label on it saying "water" and voila. Self serve water stand.

But of course my pondering didn't stop there. I thought why stop at water, maybe lemonade and iced tea would be a nice touch served from these cute dispensers in cute aqua cups.

But then why not go even further, my guests are already drinking, why not give them something to munch on as well and why not just make it after the ceremony. That's when I actually went really crazy and thought I can have some really cute table cloths spread onto some picnic tables and serve chicken skewers, bar b que pork ribs, meat balls on toothpicks, and some other cocktail fare at the park itself. 

Is that completely crazy to want to have the cocktail hour in the park and then have guests go to the reception site to start the real party?  I was thinking that our guests could watch us taking pictures and even partake in the pictures. What do you think ladies. Am I really off the mark with this one?



  1. Its not crazy at all! If you're renting out the space why not make the most of your time there. Only thing to be concerned about is the weather. What kind of weather do you anticipate? And it would be a nice way for guests who only made it to the ceremony (any guests like that?) to mingle.

  2. I think it's not crazy at all, it's a brilliant idea that guests will find entertaining....

    If I were your guest, I would be very interested in seeing you guys posing for pictures and stuff.. I mean there interesting to watch brides in their white dress, posing and looking so good.

  3. Such a great idea! We are also doing the water bottles due to our outdoor summer venue! I bought a similar metal bucket to DIY into cuteness for housing the water (and it will later be used as an ice bucket for the reception).


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