Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scanned, Sealed, Delivered

UPDATE: first of I need to apologize for jumping the gun about BM N. I said that she hadn't called and I was not really happy but as soon as I published the post, the phone rang. She apologized for not calling the night before and said that she was really terrified of trains  especially in NYC (a fact that i wasn't aware of). She said that was why  she had kinda changed her mind when she found out that we would be taking the train and that she would more than make it up to me. So my bad, for saying not- so- nice things. I shouldn't rush to judgement so fast sometimes. I sawwy BM N.

This is the madness that is Macy's Herald Square. Every. Day. And the inside isn't that much better.

The store spans a whole block, on all four sides. It is huge and very entertaining and I love all the excitement. It's a must see for anyone planning to come into NYC.

This post is going to have to be a two part series otherwise it'll be way too long and I don't think you love me enough to read this much for me, or by me, or something like that.

Now on to Macy's- let's set the stage...
As I told you before, I ended up going all by lonesome. The Macy's ladies and one gentleman were really nice. First I had to sign in and my registry that I had previously started online (as per their instructions) was found in a list and handed to me along with a checklist and a Sandals gift basket raffle entry all on a clipboard. Then this woman held court and gave this spiel about if we enrolled in the rewards program that every time someone bought something off our registry we'd get 5% back, and when we bought something we'd get 10% back and that would all accumulate and sent to us in the form of a gift card and mailed to us 6 weeks after the wedding. I'm pretty sure you know what I did and pretty quickly too. She then gave us each a scanner, scanned the barcode on our printed registries and sent us on our merry way. "Fly, fly, little butterflies, go and make Macy's more money". I know that's what you're thinking, evil Macy's lady, you're not fooling me with your nice ways and helpful attitude.  Yeah, I was on to her. ha, ha

There weren't a lot of people when I first got there but people started trickling in as time went by and within an hour, the place was swarming with scanner armed couples. I felt a little sad since my baby wasn't there especially when I saw some couple's smooching or holding hands. Awwww...

The food was a little late but was really good when it arrived. I completely forgot to take a picture of the table. There were some pretty little canapes with ham, prosciutto, roast beef and cream cheese with this zesty little sauce;  mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on skewers with pesto sauce, some italian bread slices kinda like baguette with some dip like thing,  I have no idea what it was. It looked good but I could never get to it, there always seemed to be a line when I was around.

(These are not the actual strawberries, I got this from google images)

There were little chocolate squares with this delightful red filling that tasted like red velvet cake and the fattest, juiciest chocolate covered strawberries I ever tasted.  There  was raspberry and blueberry cosmopolitans, sprite and San Pellegrino sparkling water. All in all, it was an impressive little spread. I wasn't being greedy, but I ate a little more than my fair share but so did a lot of other people, so there.

I took my scanner, put on my serious face and channeled Rupaul and her voice in my ear saying "don't f@#$ it up". Then I went into battle.

Ha, ha.You'll just have to tune in tomorrow kids if you want to hear more of this story.
Till tomorrow my friends for the real juithy thtuff, stay tuned...



  1. I went to Macy's yesterday too! Not in NY though, so it was a lot more low key. They called our bridal registry event "Date Night." The food was great but they REALLY overcomplicated the process of point and shoot. It was a lot easier at Pottery Barn. Still, I had fun because I didn't stress it :)

  2. Awesome blog!! Really love your avatar!!

  3. mmmm chocolate strawberries lol makes me hungry


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