Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Channel Done Messed Up

I've been using from day one for planning and i've been very happy with them... until now. There was a list of tools such as a guest list manager where you put in a list of your guests and their guests etc. It added them all up and gave you the final tally. There was  a planning checklist, a free wedding website, scrap book, the option to send an online STD, and my personal favorite, the budget calculator. The best part is that they are all interactive. I really liked working with it  and the fact that I could access it from anywhere and any computer made it even sweeter.

Well they say all good things must end or in this case be modified. With a heavy heart, I signed in to adjust my guest list to remove one of Mr. Muscle's co-workers. She was such a nice lady but unknown to any of us, she had been sick for a long time with cancer and she passed away last Tuesday. It was so sad to think of removing someone from the guest list because of death.  So you can see why I was so PO'd to find that wedding channel had changed everything and I couldn't go in and change it. And on top of that they didn't even just transfer everything over. They have all these complex set of rules (for me anyway)  like import this to your PC and export into the new system.

It sounds easy enough right, except that it doesn't work. I tried doing this thing from every angle. Nada.  And they have the nerve to say that you should hurry up and transfer your info or you'll lose all of it when they switch completely to the new system. Thank goodness I always back things up with hard copy. "Wedding channel, it was nice knowing ya. The Knot, here I come even if you are sister sites".

Is anyone else on wedding channel? If yes, I suggest you head on over there. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.


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  1. I don't know if you found a different wedding site tracker or not, but I've been using the one on Martha Stewart's wedding site and it's worked out great so far!


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