Friday, April 23, 2010

Sip and Scan Event today

(sorry about the poor pic quality but you get the point)

It's today folks! I'm going to Macy's to get my second registry done and hopefully score some freebies and ideas. I think BM N is flaking on me. I say flaking because it's in process. Earlier this week, it was "sure i'll go with you, it sounds like fun".  Yesterday it had deteriorated to "I don't know yet, i'll call you later". Needless to say no call came but i'm really not upset, just a little disappointed. Not that I can't go alone, since Mr. Muscle expresses zero interest in these things but I just thought it would be more fun with someone. I didn't have any pictures from my registry at target and I was hoping to get pictures from Macy's plus I plan to get some makeup tips and it would be nice to not have to ask some random person to take pictures of me.

Well she doesn't know what she's done because I will never invite her to go anywhere with me again, that's for sure. This is the second time she's done this. Call it passive aggressive or whatever but I won't say a thing to her about it but when she hears that I did this with so and so and she didn't hear about it then she'll know why.

So now it's a solo mission but I think i'll make it. I'm going well armed.  I hear there will be cocktails and music, what's not to love. After all i'm going to Macy's Herald Square. How can that not make me happy? I'm hoping to get the Brooke sisters exchanged. I still haven't told them so let's keep it between you and me, ok?

I'll be back later with all the deets.

Ta ta for now,


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