Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scanned, Sealed, Delivered Pt.2

I know I promised the second installment to this captivating story but i've been delinquent. Thanks to some situations beyond my control - yes i'm looking at you HP. My 2 month old printer conked out on me on Tuesday last week and they promised to send me a new one by Friday and it's still not here.  Since I used the printer to get my pics from my camera media card to my MAC ( I don't know how to otherwise),  and my Toshiba laptop aka piece-a-crap-from-hell also doesn't recognize my media card, i'm fresh outta luck.

I really wanted to share some of the photos I took of the things I registered for but alas I will use what I can get from their website. So here goes:

The obligatory aqua things.  A steamer, towels, colanders, a chopping board all from Martha Stewart. These are all from the Macy's website. I know these items are really cheap but we wanted to have some options for guests who aren't financially endowed. Our Target registry also has some cheaper items.

We also registered for stuff like luggage since ours are a little worn out;
a bunch of picture frames for my million wedding photos
serving platters since I have none in my house (shame on me)
some pyrex mixing bowls
some glasses to complete a set I already have
a crystal-like decanter

Cuisinart blender and food processor combo. My sister broke our blender so I put a replacement here for her. Maybe she'll get it for us. lol.

This is supposed to be really cool. You should be able to rip off a paper towel with one hand. I really don't like paper towels since it's such a waste of paper but I guess I'll some in my house at some point so it might as well look pretty.

I figured i'd get some fine china so that I could pass it down to my daughter someday if I ever have one. I also registered for an everyday dinnerware set but there was a sale on at Macy's and I bought it for myself. I've bought so much stuff off my registry that I fear there'll be nothing left for the guests.

I really like the look of stainless steel so I thought this would look really great on our counter top.

These are basically the things on our registry. Macy's suggests we register for twice the amount of items as guests but I can't really find anything that we don't already have or need. Anything else would just be wasteful so I think we're done.

What were some of your registry items if you did one?



  1. Haven't registered yet, your list was really helpful! PS love the 'obligatory aqua' goodies

  2. Great picks! Love the aqua items :)

  3. Great picks! We also don’t need a lot of gadgets for the house, so in addition to a couple traditional registries, we set up a honeymoon registry through Honeyfund and a charitable registry through JustGive.org. Both are free, and they allow our guests to branch away from the basics.


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