This is the dress that I bought almost a whole year before the wedding for my bridesmaids. I only bought 3 since I want my MOH to wear something different and she wouldn't like this dress anyway.

I loved this dress the moment I saw it. It is so sexy. Since my girls are all really slim, they'll look great in it. They only cost $79 plus shipping from this site.

Mr. Muscle is wearing a gorgeous Michael Kors 3 button suit. It' similar to the one shown here except that it has 3 buttons. The groomsmen are all wearing black suits that they already have. I really didn't want anyone going through great expense and which guy doesn't have a black suit. They will be worn with a white shirt , black shoes, cufflinks that we got them as gifts and the tie shown here.
Mr. Muscle will wear either a plain aqua, platinum or a white tie so that he can stand out from the rest of the party. They won't wear vests as it is going to be the middle of summer and hot as hell.