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I am in the Bronx, NY so if you're not local, all items have to be shipped at buyer's expense.
My Dress - (Click on the photos to see them bigger).
$150 for dress only
$200 for dress, sash and veil

This dress is from Davids Bridal and is size 12. No alterations.


The veil hits just below the waist and has pool edging. I put it really low on my head so it would be a  little higher the higher you place it. By it self, I would sell the veil for $30 (original $69)


The sash is really long and has beading all along about 1/3 of the sash. Again, click on the images to see them in more detail. By itself, I would sell the sash for $25 (original $59)


BOUQUETS -(click on images to see them better)
These are bouquwts that you can keep these forever or pass on to a loved one.
These are the brides maid's bouquets. They were made with crystal and silver beads. They are made of 400 crystal beads and 100 silver beads. $15 each

I added teal and white ribbon to them but you can use any ribbon that you choose.

This is to give you an idea of their size.


My bouquet is larger and is made with crystal and aqua beads. There are 500 crystal  beads and 144 aqua beads. Again you can use any color ribbon you choose. I used white and silver ribbon.

I can make any additional bouquets if you need it.  I can also use other beads if you like.

You get an idea of how big the bouquet is.


$5 each

I didn't have a flower girl so I just used this basket for my programs but it was initially made for a flower girl.


Boutonnieres - (click on the images to see them better)

$4 each
This is what my groom and his guys wore. I have 3 of them but I can make more.

$4 each 
This is what my ring bearers and the father of the bride and groom wore. I have three but I can make more.

(Click on images to see them better)

Tiffany Blue "Just Married" 32inch parasol

$6 each
white 20 inch parasol with L O V E spelled out
I also have one blank white one for $5


Can be used in many ways for great photos.

Card Box - SOLD

I can also make you a card box with a different ribbon in your choice of color.

Candle Holders

$0.25 each
These candle holders can be used with tea lights or flip them over and use them for tapers. I have 40 of them.

Use this basket in your ladies bathroom so that if any mishaps occur, they'd be covered. The contents are body lotion form Bath and Body Works; body spray for both male and female; plackers flossers; nail files (emery boards); safety pins; tampons; pads; breast pads; a first aid kit; I will also include the frame so you can write up a message for your guests.


PHOTO-BOOTH PROPS (Faux-to-booth)
I used these as props for my photo session and for the reception. My guests had such a blast with those.



I also have this mask which is aqua with glitter all over.


Aqua tablecloths - $8
White satin overlays - $4
Napkins - $ 0. 50 each
Plastic sashes - $25 for all 100

You can see the napkins, table cloths and overlays and chair covers and sash here.

Sashes Sold

Here's a better image of the sashes. They are plastic but look beautiful and are the exact tiffany blue.

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