Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Registered...

By that I mean I  registered.  Mr. Muscle would rather stand on an ant hill before he goes to a store and pick things out. Whenever we go to any store, even the supermarket he just sits in the car and waits. I hate it but at least when he's in the car, I don't feel rushed. His strategy is just take what you need and leave. Ladies you know that's not how we operate. We go in for a dishtowel and leave with a set of china, a shower curtain, dishwashing liquid and we just have to have these cute fridge magnets over there, and that tank top and you know i'm not leaving till I visit the clearance bin. That drives Mr. Muscle up the wall. And sometimes guess what, we never remembered the dishtowel we went in for in the first place so what do you do? You go back in ... and it's starts all over again. So I really don't blame the poor guy. I've learnt to go shopping by myself and I love it. Nobody hovering and scowling over my shoulder.

So on Saturday, on my way to my sister's house I popped into Target to see if I could find her a little something in the way of a present. We always bring each other something whenever we go to visit. The boys were home so I was free as a little meadow lark. A few weeks ago, I received something in the mail from Target. It was a $20 gift certificate that would be activated  if I started a registry with them with at least 10 items. Well if you know me, you know I love me some free stuff (main reason why I registered). I rummaged through my bag looking for that certificate and took it to the customer service counter. The lady explained to me that I had to get on their machine, create a registry, print it out and bring it back to her which I did. She then handed me the big red scanner thingy. She held my license hostage (to make sure I didn't skip town with the scanner - as if I would, the darn thing didn't work half of the time) and I was on my way.

The first thing I scanned or tried to scan was was a pretty aqua medallion lamp. Didn't work. I called over a sales associate who had no clue what to do. This wasn't starting out very well. But I would not be denied my gift certificate registry. I persevered and registered for:

I didn't have my camera with me which is very strange since we're attached at the hip and for some reason I couldn't get many of the other images from I registered for exactly 18 items.

The other things are:

  • filters for the Brita 
  • a rice cooker (will come in so handy)
  • a 3-piece living room table set ( 2 side tables and a coffee table)
  • 2 beautiful espresso woven lamp bases (I'll decide on the shades later)
  • 2 paisley throw pillows
  • Paisley window panels
  • Valances for the windows
  • A  bunch of baking things like a bundt pan, a magic cut dough mat, a lasagna pan, a spring form pan and a cookie sheet

Most of the items cost under $50 except for the table set which was $199. I'm really excited to see if people will find the registry since we won't tell anyone directly unless they ask.
You know there's no way i'm not registering at Macy's. BM N and I are going to the Sip and scan party on Friday so i'll let you know.



  1. We also registered at Target, and registered for a couple of the same things, including the spice rack and mixer. Target is awesome!

  2. Great picks! Can't wait to see what you pick out at Macy's!

  3. You registered for a lot of great stuff! We registered at Target too but our list still needs a lot of work. I was thinking about attending Macy's Sip n Scan but heard that they can be really pushy. I would love to hear how that goes for you.


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