Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Over or Under, The all important potty question- NWR

This is a total non-wedding related post but I just thought it would be really thought provoking. (he- he, read on dear readers). What is the deal  with toilet paper on the roll. In my house growing up, the toilet paper was always placed over and I always assumed that was the only way to do it, so naturally when I moved out on my own at 21, I just took it with me.

When I moved in with Mr. Muscle 4 years ago, he thought I was crazy to put the paper over on the roll. He had all these reasons about why it should be under. I of course would always change it  around after he left the bathroom. Anyways, I guess he didn't think it worth arguing over or just used that as an excuse to not replace the roll but whatever.

 I mean if you put it under, could you do this?

Until last night when he put one on and it was under and I told him not to touch the toilet paper again. I know this is the stupidest thing ever. What does it really matter anyway, over or under does the same job right?  I know this is a totally random post, I told you it would be thought provoking. I can just see you drop everything and give this some serious thought with your hand under your chin. You may have to cancel your plans for tonight and call in sick tomorrow just to ponder this all important question. So I'm conducting a survey. Which way do you like over or under?  

I know what you're thinking, "I just wasted 50 braincells reading this".  He-he  don't sweat it, some randomness is good for the soul.



  1. If this is the biggest thing you and your fiance fight about, you have a really wonderful relationship ;)

    Under. It tears easier!

  2. Oh hold on, I might have to change my vote, look: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2010/04/essential-life-skill-toilet-paper.html

  3. I always grew up an "over" but one day I saw it on the wrong way, and almost switched it....but I didn't and now I can honestly say I don't care either way. It's quite a relief really to know you can let go of control or something without bad consequences. It's a good feeling, trust me.

    And just try putting it on under once- I know it's hard, but just TRY it. once.


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