Friday, April 16, 2010

I've completed another DIY project

This is the banner that I'm going to hang in front of the dessert buffet table.

I couldn't get a close shot of the entire thing so I just closed up on one word so you can get a better look. You can also click on the image to get an even closer look.

I got the motivation from none other than the great one herself, the one and only Martha Stewart.

I've seen these from some real weddings and they looked really cute. So this definitely isn't an original idea but a great one nonetheless. As i'm sure most other brides did, I simply printed the template onto white shimmery paper and then cut them out. Then I realized  the tablecloth that i'm using for the buffet table is also white, so I decided to back them up with some aqua card stock to make them stand out more.  Nice no?

Another one down and uuhhh... a hundred more to go? JK, I still have quite a few things to take care of though  like:

  • yet another centerpiece mock-up
  • embellish aqua ceremony shoes
  • come up with and try out ceremony decor
  • hair and makeup trial
  • get my son's suit 
  • reception music
  • get bridesmaids off their butts to get their dresses
  • sign contract with photographer and videographer
  • and a host of others that I can't remember right now

I'm the little ant that could though and I know i'll get everything done on time. I'm as cool as a cucumber.



  1. Very cute! I considered doing something like this as well, but we have opted to do wooden letters standing up in glass containers of sugar on top of the table. Thanks for the blog love and for being a follower!

  2. Martha Stewart is absolutely awesome, isn't she?Cute inspiration. Love your banner.

    Just started following your blog.


  3. Cute! I could easily see this done with paper doilies backed by cardstock. It's great you're replicating one of your original inspirations! Now I'm curious what candy you're going to use :)

  4. Very nice! Martha Stewart has tons on great diy projects.

  5. Great job. I love wedding banners and yours is a really impressive recreation of Martha's.
    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog!


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