Sunday, April 4, 2010

125 days to go/ HAPPY EASTER!!!

According to Project Wedding, we're 125 days from our wedding and I'm so excited. I still have so much to do. It's also around the time i'm supposed to get my first dress fitting. Thanks Project wedding, but that's been taken care of and I look smashing, if I do say so myelf. So here are some tips for you ladies who haven't tried on your slinky, sexy bridal gowns. Source: Project Wedding

After you've selected and ordered the dress, you will need to prepare for your first fitting. It's very important that you schedule this fitting, because it will identify any changes or alterations which need to be made to the dress. Below, you will find some important things to consider when preparing for your first fitting.

Setting Up the Appointment
After you've ordered your first dress, set up the appointment for your first fitting with the bridal boutique or shop. The appointment should be at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding day. Of course, your first fitting should be timed to the day or week your wedding dress is supposed to arrive at the boutique (unless they had your size available at the shop.) Call the day before your first fitting to confirm that the dress has arrived and that it's your correct size.

The Day of Your First Fitting
In order to prepare for your first fitting, you should wear the undergarments and shoes that you will be wearing on the day of your wedding. The undergarments you've chosen can make a big difference in the way your wedding dress fits and looks on your body. The shoes will help you identify whether the length is correct or needs to be adjusted. In a perfect world, the dress would fit perfectly on this day, however many brides need to have a round of alterations done to ensure that the dress fits correctly.

You may also want to try on the accessories with your wedding dress on this day to ensure that nothing needs to be changed. Is your veil the perfect length? If you'll be wearing a headpiece, does it coordinate well? Determining these things will help your entire look come together for the wedding day.

Things to Think About
For your first fitting, you should make a note of all changes which need to be made. Make sure the boutique owner or salesperson understands which alterations need to be made and what your desires are. Consider how the dress feels; walk around with the dress on, sit down with the dress on and raise your arms above your head. Does the dress stay in place, feel too tight or just perfect? Will the undergarments you've chosen work well with the dress?

Once you've made a note of all changes which need to be made, find out how long those changes will take and schedule a second fitting. By knowing how to prepare for your first fitting, you can ensure that the dress is perfect for your wedding day.

Has everyone tried on their dresses and if so how did you feel in it?


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  1. My dress was perfect (Almost) last July. Now, two months out, it goes down to my stomach! I am doing the only fitting and alterations sometime this month...good looking out on this post!


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