Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sweet Stuff

Wheeeeee, we had our cake tasting yesterday! My sister has the cake connection in the family and always makes cakes her gifts to us. She orders from this amazing bakery ( E & L Bakery in the Bronx) for birthdays and all other celebrations. She even ordered ours for our engagement/announcement/celebration party. (I'll explain in a later post). Anyway, the cakes thus far have been really basic designs like just round with happy birthday or Elmo with edible pictures etc. I didn't know that they had more elaborate designs like these
and this one

You get the idea.
The best part though is how they taste. I swear this is the best cake i've ever tasted, hands down. Every single celebration we've served these cakes at, we never have any left over. I've found myself requesting bigger and bigger ones just to have a little piece left over after the party. We - my sister and I- went to the appointment since my son wasn't well and Daddy had to stay home with him. The bakery was so cute and nicely decorated that I further fell in love with it.
When I explained to the very nice owner that I wanted a tiffany style cake, he showed me this:
I thought it was ok but just a tad babyish. To me it looked like a little boy birthday cake or a christening cake. I tried to explain what I wanted but there was a slight communication problem with my sister, me and him talking all at once, so I whipped out the pictures in my arsenal/wedding binder:
That's more like it but since we're having a dessert buffet and not serving wedding cake, we needed a smaller cake. We settled on a smaller, 2-tier cake that will serve 65 people.
The ribbon will be more like the 3 - tier one above and not the gift type bow seen here.The bottom tier will be red velvet with cream cheese filling and the top tier will be yellow cake with vanilla filling. Yuuuuuum and since my sister is gifting us, double yum.


  1. Love the flavors you chose! And of course the design of the cake!!

  2. Haha. You totally became my hero when you said "And then I whipped out the pictures from my wedding binder." lol! When you come prepared like that with pictures, no chance of miscommunication. What a wonderful gift from your sister! Can't wait to see it :)

  3. I definitely like the pics you showed the baker. And I love that you have a layer of red velvet with cream cheese frosting since we're doing that, too! Along with 2 other flavors :) Mr Fix It just built our cake stand this past weekend.


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