Sunday, March 14, 2010

My BCBG babies.

So as you all know I'm getting married in a park so the shoes are a little issue. Although the actual ceremony will be on a concrete structure, we'll be taking our pre-ceremony pictures mostly on the grassy areas. I don't want to be sinking into the dirt at every step, but I didn't want to wear flip flops or anything like that. Well I went into a Payless shoe store a few weeks ago to find some shoes for my son. I have nothing against Payless but their shoes are not the most comfortable so I don't shop there. But they're really good for Blue's Clue's or Hulk or whatever shoes for kids.

Well after I picked up my son's Blue's Clue's sneakers and was making my way to pay, out of the corner of my eye I saw those cuties:

Haha, they're not BCBG. Far from it, they're American Eagle and they were $14. How could I not get them. They were the perfect aqua but a little blah. I thought I could easily get some shoe clips or even embellish them myself with some bling. So that was solved. I quickly bought them and my son wasn't the only one happy with Blue shoes that day.

Well I as good as they were for the park , I didn't think they were sexy party shoes. I plan on changing into a reception dress and these shoes just wouldn't do.

Enter my BCBG babies:

And they have the cutest brooch-like ornament in the front
They're not exactly aqua, more turquoise but I love, love, love em. They will be worn over and over and over again for sure. Anyone who knows me knows that my wardrobe is made up of predominantly aqua and turquoise attire. I'm a freak, I know.

They're uber cute and soooo comfortable. I mean I walked around the store in them for about a minute and there was no pinching or any kind of discomfort. And the greatest part is that I got them for free. I received a $182 gift card from Macy's for sharing in their "Thanks for Sharing" charity program last christmas and that was my reward. Cool huh? The shoes were only $63 so I still have some moolah left over. Score! Whadya say ladies, are they cool or what?

TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. NICE!! I like both pair a lot! Those wedges look very comfy too - what more can you ask for??

  2. You can totally give those aqua cuties a show clip and be in business. Nice score!

  3. Every time I see Tiffany Blue I think of this blog :) Cute shoes. I love the reception shoes especially!

  4. Awesome! The colour is beautiful. I love turquoise, aqua and teal. Such pretty restful colours.

    A shoe clip would be perfect I think :)

    P.S. Thanks for joining my giveaway and for your fave books. I will hopefully check them out!

  5. I guess you really liked Aquoa :)

    $14 is a good bargain.

  6. I just got engaged.... I tumbled upoin your blog through google's "next blog" tab...

    My fiance and I don't have a clue of what we should do next now that we decided to get married.... He told me, "I had never done this before, what're we supposed to do now?"... I said, "Neither had I!!! I don't know!"

    Now I have to start learning "getting married 101"....Good that we have blogs now and I can check out what other brides're doing...


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