Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Venue Part 1

I FOUND A PLACE! I FOUND A PLACE! well, sort of (ha ha). My FH works with the health department and as part of his job, he goes out counseling and testing for stuff (eeww) no not really just like diabetes and high blood pressure and stuff like that.

Anyway, to make a really long story short, on Valentine's day, yes Valentine's Day, they went to this church for testing and he texts saying "I FOUND A PLACE". Of course I immediately went into question mode, texting back all kinds of questions until he had to turn his phone off cause he really couldn't get any work done. Well he initiated it, so...

Well, it turns out that the church owns a building that is just for hosting affairs. So we called them up on Tuesday and made an appointment for Wednesday of that week. We went to see the place and I was not overly optimistic but I just really wanted to get the venue booked. Any venue at this point to get the ball really rolling. Only 5 months to go. I'm rambling, aren't I.

It turns out the place is gorgeous. Gorgeous I tell ya. I mean there's a ginormous chandelier in the center over the dance floor, and some amazing light sconces on the walls. This place has something like a 20ft ceiling or something with fantastic drapery.

I found one picture on their website but if we decide to take it, i'll take some and post them for you guys to see.

But here comes the downside.
1. Because it's a church building, there's to be no alcohol at all. Bummer cause I know most of my guests like to throw back a little sum sum.

2. The other thing is that now the ceremony is 11 minutes away by car.

3.Again because it's a church building I feel that my guests will somehow be restricted or limited in their dancing. Since I guess our DJ won't be able to play certain songs, not dirty songs but just real dance songs.

4. It's a lot more than I would have wanted to pay.

We are yet to sign a contract since the price kinda threw us a bit, so we'll see. For now our date is still open. Wish us luck.

We have to see just one more place and and if that doesn't do it, we're going to have to bite the bullet and go for it.

TTFN (ta ta for now).

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