Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let those waters flow

As usual, a lot and I mean a lot of my inspiration comes from you fellow bloggers. There are some things I had never even heard of like the little tissue packs for guests' tears. I had bought some little white paper bags from Michael's a while back hoping to put fruit in them for my guests during the ceremony but after putting in some strawberries, the bags simply wouldn't stand.

Since i'm determined not to let anything go to waste, I decided to repurpose these little cuties. Here's where you ladies came in.

I layered some aqua ribbon onto some teal ribbon and wrapped that around the middle of the bag like a belt and glued it in the front. I printed two labels onto a business card. Since I had 50 bags, I only needed 25 cards. The labels read , you guessed it "For your tears of Joy". I then cut them in half, framed them with a silver metallic marker and glued them in the center over the part where the ribbon met. I cut off the very top flap of the bags because they overlapped to much.

I then simply folded the tops over to close them. In keeping with my reusing and repurposing habit. I didn't want to throw them out so I came up with these.

I also had these ribbon bits left over from making the tears of joy bags so ta- da, they both came in handy. I love butterflies. The problem is I have no idea what to use them for. So ladies now that you know how heavily I really on your judgement, any ideas on where to use them?

Thanks and TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. I had no clue we have the same dress. That is awesome! I was originally going to wear mine with an aqua sash (back when those were my colors), but I decided I liked it better without.

  2. OMG!!! You're brilliant!!! These're just goregous! I don't even know I'm supposed to give guests the tears of joy bags... I never knew about thesse bags and the usage of them. But the ones you make are just darling..

  3. Your tissue packets turned out so awesome!! Great idea using the leftover scraps. They look like butterflies! Wasn't that your original theme? ;) I think that they would look cute attached to out of town boxes/bags. Or you can even attach them to escort cards if you have enough. Can't wait to see how you use them! :)

  4. These came out great! I think Bee has great ideas for the butterflies.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway....and for noticing my absence. You're too sweet. =)

  5. I agree the scraps do look like butterflies...I am racking my brain for how to use them. There's enough of them in the picture to spell out the word "welcome." Paper hole punch them, run a string through, and put pretty letters on them to place on the doors at your venue? Sounds like a stretch, but a possibility none the less.

  6. I love these! I've seen them everywhere and really want to do them....but have so far resisted due to the billion other DIY's in my future! You did a great job!


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