Thursday, March 11, 2010

All the better to shelter you with

My parasols are here. I got one 32" peppermint green which is like Tiffany blue and I got (5) 20" white ones from Save-On-Crafts.

It looks more green in the picture than it really is.
Since we plan on doing a first look. I'm hoping that we can have our pictures taken with our wedding party about an hour before the ceremony. We will then use the white parasols to either line the aisles like this.
I'll have to get about 12 more to add to the ones I already have.

Or we can just give them to our guests to protect them from the sun. I really haven't decided how the aisle will be decorated but I love the idea of the parasols. I also have to finalize things with the parks and recreation department to know what is and isn't allowed. I'm just so happy that things are falling into place.
TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. Oh how pretty. I loooove parasols as a prop. And now you have one to match your blog graphic! Man. I wish I had thought of using parasols now! Lol


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