Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY Napkins Revisited

Way back when I had no followers or maybe 1 or 2, I mentioned here that I would be attempting DIY napkins. Cloth napkins. Well fast forward 7 months and ta-daaaaa...
these are my aqua napkins that only Mr.Muscle and I will use.

these white ones are for the bridal party  

and the rest of the guests will have these turquoise ones. I actually thought that I was getting aqua when I ordered these table runners that I converted into napkins. I tried them on the table and I kinda like the slightly different shades.

I also made the napkin rings from toilet paper/paper towel rolls and ribbon. Tutorial can be found on my DIY page. Damask for us so we they can stand out a little. Aqua for bridal party and white for other guests.

The centerpiece has evolved as well. It's still flowerless but I've decided that the aqua boxes would be aqua overkill. Will post the new centerpieces when I've completed a prototype.

The kids are having all disposables in aqua and white.



  1. Those look amazing! I can't believe the napkin rings are from on-hand materials. You're very crafty.

  2. Aqua is such a pretty color! You are so creative!

  3. They’re beautiful! Way to go for creating them yourself!

  4. Thats really amazing that you created the rings from the paper rolls and a little bit of ribbon! Have you applied to WeddingBee yet?! you should! These are really beautiful. And I agree on the different colors, they work really well together.

  5. ohh, pretty! i love the aqua color.

  6. Paper rolls covered with fancy paper...ingenious! I need to be on the lookout for nice wrapping paper, I think I'll use this idea.

  7. Can I say GORGEOUS! You're ideas are really coming together amazingly!!!! You're wedding is going to be SOO pretty!

  8. i like the little bit of contrast- while remaining in the palette. Do you plan to have them for use in your house after the wedding? what a nice daily use souvenir!

  9. Never thought about using it in my house since surprisingly enough it's not within my color palette in my home. Shocking I know. Only my bathroom has aqua in it. I'll probably pull the aqua ones out for anniversaries and give the turquoise ones away.


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