Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Toss It...

or not. We haven't decided if we're doing the bouquet and garter toss yet. I was all against it but Mr. Muscle kinda wants to surprisingly. Well he hasn't exactly said so but he mentioned it which if you know him, is kinda the same thing.  Since we're having crystal bouquets, chances are that someone will end up in the hospital if I throw one of them so I will have to come up with another bouquet. Probably one made from silk flowers, maybe all white roses.

The garter however is another story. I definitely want a garter, even if we don't do the the whole (oral sex simulation) thing. At least I can surprise my groom on our wedding night because let's face it ladies, I'm getting laid on my wedding night, exhausted or not.  I had some left over aqua fabric from my ring pillows, flower/bubble baskets, and DIY napkins projects so I thought why not make my own garter. And so I did:

here's my cutie in all her glory. I know it looks like a scrunchie here but it's large enough to fit way up on my thigh. Tutorial on DIY page.

What do you think, are you doing or did you do the bouquet and garter toss?


  1. So pretty! You are the DIY Queen :)

  2. Very crafty! We're skipping the bouquet and garter tossing - not enough single friends.

  3. Very pretty! I still need to get one of these!

  4. Surprisingly, my fiance wants to do the garter toss and bouquet toss. I could take it or leave it.

    Love your DIY garter!

  5. I don't think we're doing either. My bouqet isn't cheap and I don't want to throw it away or get another one. Also, I don't think there are enough single folks out of our guests. I do want to wear a garter though just for fun.

  6. no garter or boquet toss for me - but i WILL wear a garter as a surprise for my love :)


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