Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh My Goodness My First Wedding Dream - Not Good

I remember reading about other bloggers' dreams and I have to say that I felt that I was immune to it. I even thought that these other bloggers were maybe somehow or the other not handling their thoughts well and they overflowed into dreams.

Well let me tell you something fellow bloggers, forgive me for even thinking that because last night I joined your ranks. I woke up sweating and even my cheeks were wet and I rarely ever cry. The dream, or rather nightmare - was horrible.

I didn't dream about the ceremony. It was all the reception, if you could call it that. I never once saw my groom throughout the whole dream. He was just somehow there at one time.

First my reception was in some sort of basement place. We had to go down some stairs from the ground floor to get to it which was a little hole in the wall with no windows.

I walked down those stairs by myself without being announced for some reason and no one noticed. Everyone was just walking or sitting around doing their own thing. Someone then told me to go back out/up and we would be announced. I went back up the stairs and me and my groom, who was somehow there but who I didn't see were announced by my brother. He (my brother) was dressed in jeans, t-shirt and a fishing hat. He announced us as his kids (meaning he said his kids names) and not ours. Someone shouted out newlyweds and he then said the newlyweds and our names and went back into whatever hole he had come from. No one clapped or anything.

Then we got into the room and the linen was all ivory and salmon and stained.  No aqua in sight. The centerpieces were a large plastic cups/tumblers with dollar store items in it. I mean not pretty dollar store items but stuff like straws, blow-out toys and just a whole lot of crap.

I vagely recognized some of the people there but none were my actual guests except my sister/MOH who kept trying to reassure/placate me. There was no cake and I was told that it was still at home along with the linens and everything else. Why, I don't know. Everywhere I turned something was missing or wrong.

The dream ended with me saying F it, that I was going home to get all my stuff and I didn't care who liked it. Mind you, it was already 8pm by then and reception was supposed to end at 11 and my sister kept trying to tell me that it was pointless and that by the time I got back, it would be time to leave. I was adamant however until something woke me up. I think it was my son.

I am rreasured though that this won't happen for real because with the number of lists and timelines that i've drawn up, even if I forget something, hopefully someone else will remember.
This reminded me of when I was pregnant and dreamed I was having cats. ha, ha
Has anyone had THE nightmare yet or was it a beautiful dream?


  1. Haha no nightmare like this, but I've had the sort of "things just aren't gelling and how come everyone else seems apathetic when I know I need to fix it" type dream before. It's good to get that out of the way so that your actual day feels even more perfect :)

  2. OMG I literally cracked up. I have had dreams like this too! But I thought it was too silly for me to brag about. How funny, it must be a bride thing. I loved this post because it reminded me so much of my dreams. I had a dream that I didn't have my dress to wear and that people thought my sister was getting married and not me, LOL!


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