Sunday, June 27, 2010

CSN GC Winner

I completely goofed on my CSN giveaway draw. I am happy to announce that the winner is Lilian  of Nu Flaiir who said that she hosted a CSN giveaway a few days ago. I guess what goes around comes around. Good things anyway. If and when you read this, please contact me so I can get your info.

I did go to and plugged in my numbers but neglected to post the winner with the full intention of doing so the day after the draw. However since my oldest nephew graduated from high school, we've been running around planning his bash and i've only come up for air today.

Here's a pic of him and his mom (my sister) I think he's in training for a toothpaste commercial.
My sister and I. I know the sun's glare made me look like I had a large bald spot on the side of my head. For whatever reason, we both decided to wear black but I had to add a little aqua in my shoes and clutch.

This is my little munchkin, isn't he adorable all decked out? Although he doesn't look too happy after his nap was cut short.That's my Mr. Muscle standing next to him btw. Me and my great photography skills cut his head off. Sorry hunny boo. It was sooooo hot that Mr. Muscle went back home to change into a short sleeved shirt.
And here's one of just me, I was vogueing big time. Again with the sun created balled spot. I guess bad photography must run in the family because this one was taken by my sister.

Once again, congratulations Nu Flaiir and please get in touch with me to claim your gift certificate.



  1. Love your shoes and clutch!! Congrats to Lillian!

  2. omg the tiny formal wear is so cute!

  3. You look hot! I love the little bolero that you have with your dress. Congrats to your family and nephew!! Is that your ring bearer??

  4. You look beautiful! I love your dress, shoes and cluth! Congrats to your nephew and sister on his big day!

  5. Just wanted to thank you again !!!!
    They already contacted me and sent me a gift certificate via email.
    This week I will be posting another one. This is so fun! :-)

    btw, you look so pretty !!!


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