Friday, June 18, 2010

Drink Up

I really don't like the idea of disposables at a wedding but since our wedding is going to be self catered, we decided that at least the cocktail hour would have disposables. We'll rent real dishes for everything else. Also the champagne glasses that will be used for all of 5 minutes will also be disposable.

However there's no question that the guests of honor (US) have to have gorgeous flutes. Enter my freebie from Macy's Sip and Scan Event. Among other things, Macy's gave me a set of champagne flutes as a 'Thank you' for coming. Of course they had to have their darn star on them.

Although I have really great flutes at my house that we could have used, (I really didn't want personalized ones) I thought it would be a great idea to do something with these, you know spruce them up a bit. After all, I figured if I messed them up, it wouldn't be my expensive crystal ones that we have at home. So I pulled out my trusty glue gun and some diamond confetti crystals. I had planned on scattering the diamond confetti on our tables instead os using petals but since we have white satin overlays, you can barely see the crystals so I decided to repurpose them. I also used some crystal beads and one aqua one and made a little bracelet type thing for the bottom. This is what the glasses look like now:

There are those friggin stars again. I tried to find ways online to remove etching but I learnt that it's on pretty much for life. I don't quite know yet what i'll do about them. As much as I didn't want personalization, i'll probably end up sticking a rhinestone smack dab in the center of that star and adding crystal initials on each side of the star to downplay it. After all, I don't think our guests will be peering really closely at our flutes. I can't honestly say i've ever noticed anyone's flutes (besides my sister's)  and i've been to countless weddings. And if they do, oh well.

Close up:

and closer still.
Maybe i'll post a pic again when it's completely done. If I decide to do anything that is.



  1. The designs you added look great, and I think including your initials will definitely help downplay the stars a bit. At least the glasses don’t say “Macys”! LOL!

  2. They look great! I actually don't mind the star at all! Plus you are right, I doubt others generally notice.

  3. The star is actually pretty cute. You are the stars of the party after all right! And of course you have totally glammed it up.

  4. I hate Macy's but I won't go there. I was gonna suggest you do somethng like the kate Spade Library stripe

    But I like the bling'd out stems MUCH better! :)

  5. Are there any special pens you could use to write the date of your wedding, or you and your hubby's name across the glass, so that the star seems more like a waterprint in the background?? I love these. The stars don't look that bad at all.


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