Friday, June 11, 2010

Invitation(s) Revealed!!!

I have to say that I love, love, love my invites. They took forever to make but I'm very happy with how they turned out. First I must tell you that I have 2 invitations and by that I mean 2 different invitations for the same wedding. I know you're probably confused so let me explain. Initially I planned on making only 32 invitations for our 60 guests and one extra to keep for us. When our guest list expanded to 101 people, I had no choice but to make more but at some point, I just got tired and decided that all the out-of-town guests would get slightly different invitations.

This is my pretty. She's actually called Tiffany. The pictures truly don't do her justice. I think it's my camera. She's made from metallic aqua lagoon card stock. I printed our initials in Chopin script on strips of linen paper and hot glued black rhinestones as the dots with a square aqua stone in the center.

Close-up. I really suck at taking these photos.

This is the inside. Notice my butterflies? The invitation measures 10 X 7  and when folded, measures 5X7.

This is the back with the little pocket I made using aqua lagoon and embossed metallic silver shimmery card stock.

This is the back with my RSVP card tucked nicely

Side view.

This is the second invitation that I made. 
I called her Baby Tiffany. As you can see here,  the name strip is missing as well as the black rhinestones. I added the aqua square stone for some bling. The inside and the back is the same as the other one. 

As mentioned before, I made these mostly for our out-of-town guests who were late to be added to the guest list. I also sent them to people overseas who I know won't be coming but want an invitation anyway. So in total, I made 45 of the original Tiffany and 10 Baby Tiffany invitations. I love them so much, I kinda felt sad sending them away.

So there you have it folks, my babies are out there and will hopefully be delivered by Friday, Saturday or early next week. Then the RSVPs can come rolling in. I hope.  I'm so excited about that part. I just hope people send them back and I don't have to call everyone. Or else.

What do you think?



  1. AWH! They are adorable! I love the butterflies and I think the back pocket idea is genius! Congratulations on getting them done. I'm sure that is a huge load off! They look fabulous!

  2. Great job!! I love that they are a folded card with that awesome pocket in the back. You have to be so excited their done. I'm only just getting started with our invitations so I can't wait to be in your position!

  3. SO pretty! Did you hand stamp the butterflies? I can't even imagine how long it took you to do that... and perfectly place all the rhinestones & everything? Wow!

  4. Love them!! The butterflies are so pretty and I love the way the cooridinate with the butterfly on the outside of the envelope.

  5. Thanks my lovelies.
    Dancy, I didn't hand stamp the butterflies on the inside. I found an invitation template online that had butterflies and branches and other stuff. I just used photoshop to remove everything but the butterflies and since they were the perfect color already, that's all I needed to do.

    I did hand stamp the butterflies on the envelope. I posted about them in the previous post.

  6. I love love love them too :-)
    Great job. They look adorable.


  7. they are so lovely! you did a fantastic job :)

  8. I love your invitations - the butterflies on the envelopes, the bling. Beautiful touches.

  9. I absolutely love them! The idea for the rsvp in the back is so unique and great! We got responses in within like 2 days of mailing them crazy! Have fun with that part :)

    And your caption on my photo today was hilarious...loved it!


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