Friday, June 18, 2010

Another One

We are down to 1 month and 20 days to our wedding and i'm knocking down projects left and right. Being unemployed has it's advantages. Lots of time for DIY projects.
So you remember we downgraded our wedding a bit and decided to got he City Hall route and have a reception for friends and family. Well although i'm not knocking a civil ceremony, it really isn't that personal or romantic so we (mostly me) decided that we should have a mini ceremony right there in the banquet hall before the party starts. So we;ll have our legal ceremony at City Hall and our romantic one at our banquet hall.

I kinda still wanted to incorporate wedding things into it but didn't want to decorate too much so I got some white rose petals from Deals and I had a whole lot of aqua paper left so I made some cones for  my petals.

I printed labels from Avery address labels with our names and wedding date and stuck them on.  I think i'll put 2 on each table and guests can toss them.

This is what the paper looked like after I cut them out. I didn't throw them out just thinking that I could find a use for them.

 I had a eureka moment when I saw this at Michael's yesterday. A butterfly stamp on sale for $7. How could I say no.

Look at my lovelies. Since I won't have my diamond confetti, I can scatter paper butterflies on the tables.

This is what the papers looked like when I was done with them, I think now I can throw them out. Maybe.
With just a little imagination, you can find uses for just about anything. I'm very happy with my cones and butterflies.

So whadya think?



  1. Cute! I love the idea of the scattered butterflies on the tables.

  2. very cute!!! and very resourceful!

  3. Looks great! I love the butterflies!

  4. I love petal cones- I made them too! The petals looked great in photos! :)

  5. I love the ideas. The butterflies are adorable and will look wonderful scattered on the tables.

  6. What do I think...I think Im jealous of those butterflies that you are putting on the tables! I love those...Im also thinking..."Why didn't I think of that!" 1 month and 16 days now! WOW! Congrats!


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