Monday, July 26, 2010

A Really Great Place To Shop

I've been looking for really good luggage for our semi honeymoon. We're going to Miami for one week to just lie on the beach and veg out. We'll be going on our official honeymoon next year in St. Lucia. Glorious St.Lucia. The set we have is black and very, very boring, plus it has snow stains.
Anyway I was introduced to CSN Stores recently when I was asked to do a promotion and now I browse their site all the time and found these awesome pieces of luggage. This one  looked kinda cool. I know the mister would like it. He's really into the quiet earth tones. And the price is nothing to sneeze at. At only  $93.99 and free shipping. I mean what more can you ask for? Seriously?

I however am all about the aqua.  This one's $125 and again, shipping's on CSN.  If this gets lost, then airport people are really incompetent. For real! Isn't she a beaut? I think i'll name her Lucky.

There are so many more colors and sizes and ranging from really affordable for the budget people like me and for those of you who absolutely have to have  the bestest of the best, they can hook you up too. So if I were you, i'd really check out CSN Stores. All you future honeymooners, for real, go check them out.


  1. Luggage is not cheap. These are some really great deals. I'm not in the market for those but I have been browsing CSN for other things.

  2. And good luggage is such a great thing to have! You don't want it popping open or a zipper getting stuck halfway through a trip.


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