Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 Random Facts Award and Surprise...

I received this award back from Dancy of Beer Budget Bride's Musings and I just love it. he, he

1. I was born in St.Lucia where the population is about 300,000. That's like the number of people living   
    in my building in the Bronx (just kidding) and no everybody doesn't know everybody.

2. I love peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. I know, yum!

3. I used to swear like a sailor but stopped when I became a mommy, well sort of. I may still let one slip when my son is out of earshot.

4. I can't hold my liquor so I don't drink anymore. Although I plan to drink more than my fair share at my wedding.

5. Surprisingly I never smoked weed/ganga/spliff/chronic/grass (you get the drift) but I did smoke 
    cigarettes for 6 months. It got old, so I stopped, since it was all about image.

6. I lived in Toronto for  5 years where I graduated at Seneca College. It's such a beautiful, polite and friendly city. Now I live in NY. Enough said. ha, ha

7. Mr. Muscle is Jamaican but I speak better Jamaican patois than him.

8. I got a degree in Hospitality Studies, changed my mind and got a degree in Accounting then became   
    an office assistant. Now I want to be David Tutera. Go figure.

9. I've become so enamored with wedding planning and DIY projects that I'm going to get certified in 
    wedding planning. See 8

10. I climbed St. Lucia's 2nd tallest mountain. Twice. Although not on the same day. This is me at the top. It's the shorter mountain you see in the picture in number 1. My skinnier days.
11. Like a lot of my fellow bloggers, I want to write a book and started a few times. The closest I ever got was writing one full chapter about men and sex. well mostly men and sexual encounters. Both imagined and real. Ha, ha. I settled on writing poetry and had a notebook full of poems.

12. I lost said book of poetry, all novels, old text books, clothes,  and basically all my stuff from Toronto when my ex roommate decided to hold them hostage or whatever the hell she did when I moved back to St.Lucia. I had planned to have them shipped to me after. She refused to send them and I really didn't think a trip to Toronto to try to find  a few material things was worth it at the time. Plus i'd probably have to bust a cap in her ass. Just kidding. Remember kids, violence is not the answer. 

13. I love, love the sea, beach, ocean, water and Mr. Muscle is the exact opposite. Sometimes I wonder if he really came from Jamaica.

14. People say that after a couple has been together for a while, they start to look like each other. Just look at Mr. M and I. See a resemblance? 

15. Between Mr. Muscle and I, we have 8 parents. Both of our parents divorced and remarried. My son gets a hell of a lot more presents at christmas and birthdays from his Nana, Grandma, Granny and Ms. Paulette; his Papa, Granpa, Uncle Tony (don't ask) and Daddy.

16. I was an elementary school teacher for 4 years and loved it but when the school politics tok over, it became very unenjoyable, so I quit and flew to Canada.

17. My cousin/best friend and I once bussed to Montreal for Jazz Festival and tried to speak French the whole time. Needless to say people were staring at us like we were crazy since our french wasn't french after all. It was hilarious. Oui, oui monsieur.

18. A a teenager and in my early 20s, I had the thickest eyebrows ever and refused to have them done. Don't believe me?

19. My maiden name is my mom's maiden name for some reason and she's remarried and has her husband's name. So my last name isn't either of my parent's name. It raises some eyebrows when I fill out family info on forms. Some people must think I was a foster kid or adopted.

20. I would love to move to North Carolina. I know after living in NY, it will be a much slower and laid back pace but that's really what I want right now. I think.

21. When I was little, I had shirley Temple curls and especially hated when little old ladies said I was so cute. I wanted straight hair like my sisters but my mom wouldn't hear of it. 

22. My son is named Anthony and if I have a daughter, i'll either name her Teresa Lyzette after my and Mr. Muscle's mother. Or i'll just name her Skyla cause I love that name.

23. I just might make it. Almost  at 25.

24. I have huge news for you. Coming soon.Wait for it.

25. WE GOT MARRIED!  YES WE DID! Now you HAVE to come back for my next post.

Thanks again Dancy for starting this post and now i'll pass this award on to:
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The only rule is to pass it on to however many people you like.



  1. married! congrats! i WILL have to sit around for the next post! :D

  2. Wait a minute--you're married!! Congrats! I want to hear more!

  3. Congratulations! I will definitely be back to hear more! :)

  4. Congrats on gettingmarried!!yay!! So exciting!!! And so fun to be from St Lucia!! I have heard it is beautiful!!!

  5. Huh...you are married!! Skyla is a beautiful name. Luv it too. My big sis was living in N. Carolina or was it S? I get them confused. But, she couldn't wait to get out. Thanks for recognizing me with the award. I feel pretty boring so don't feel like any of my random facts will be of interest!!

  6. Whut? Married???? I can't wait to read more!


  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to hear more!!!!!

  8. Married! Yay! Oh I can't wait to do my 25 things- thanks for passing it along! Also some of those things reminded me of me- especially about hating your curly hair when you were little!

  9. Ohmygaw!! Youuuuu sneaky hooka!! You went & got married!!!

    Oh I'm soooo sooo happy for you! And so jealous too. Oh please tell me you still took a couple pictures in the park on City Island? It's so pretty.


  10. CONGRATS!!! How awesome! Tell us more!!

  11. oh my gosh i am so excited for you!!!!! it's been so much fun following your blog as you planned this special day, can't wait to hear all about it!! and thank you for the award :)

  12. Thanks so much. I'll tell you guys all about it tomorrow!

  13. I'm late to this party . . . but CONGRATS! So happy for you :) Can't wait for your next post. You two make a gorgeous couple.


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