Thursday, July 22, 2010

More DIY Goodness- Programs

Countdown: 16 days
No. Invited: 116
Rsvp Yes: 90
Rsvps still missing: 10

We're not having an official ceremony so the traditional programs are not exactly appropriate for us. However, i'd already started on my programs way back when and I really didn't want to just discard them (no waste here), so I kinda repurposed them to some sort of keepsake while still keeping guests in the know. Hence the reception program.

I used the same shimmery aqua card stock that I used for our invites to make a booklet. I found some glittery silver letters from Michael's but they only had 4 or 5 of each of our initials so I used the other letters and created Js and Es. As a result, they all look slightly different, which I really like. I found my inspiration from Jeana's programs  from My Dream Ring now called My Dream Life..

I placed our "tears of joy packets" on the inside cover.

Since we didn't have official e-pics, I used our civil ceremony pics so our guests can get a glimpse of what took place.

I wrote up a little sum,sum for my sister in law to read during the pseudo-ceremony. You can click on it to see it better.

The "order of proceedings" is on the next page,

Another picture on the back

And on the back cover, our thanks.

Sorry about the lousy pic.

And that's our program.


  1. That's a great idea! I love the you're including a picture from the civil union and are also including a timeline for guests. Your ideas are so creative and fun!

  2. great job - they are going to be a hit!

  3. 16 days! Awesome! The programs look great. Excited for you!

  4. ohh, i love them! especially that you included pics from your civil ceremony..and putting the tissues inside is a good idea!

  5. 16 days...really wow! Thats so awesome I didnt realize you were that close! I love these and love that you shared with your guests your photo from your civil the kissing photo! :) CONGRATS!

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