Monday, July 26, 2010

Almost There

Countdown: 12 days
No. Invited: 116
Rsvp Yes: 90
Rsvps still missing: 3

and still lots of projects.
We made our final payment for our banquet hall and made all the arrangements for chairs, tables and flatware, stemware and dinnerware rentals. We were told that we cannot get to decorate the place until 11 am, the morning of and I think that leaves us enough time to get everything done. Our reception doesn't start till 7pm anyway.

I still have to

  • make half of my centerpieces (6)
  • complete sitting chart
  • make 40  more napkins
  • slightly alter one of my lady's dresses
  • iron napkins
  • make glitter monogram cake topper
  • make stand to hang faux-to-booth background
  • get trays for cocktail hour
  • pack up all the crap and label boxes to be taken to banquet hall day of
  • decorate bouquets with ribbon
  • find some better eye makeup
  • pick up stuff for baker to decorate our dessert buffet cakes
That's all I can remember but i'm pretty sure there'll be more after I consult my lists.



  1. Nice! You do have plenty of time which is good. Maybe your day will be less of a blur-but probably not! I only had about 2 hours to set up and although there wasn't that MUCH to do somehow time sped up and it was rough.

  2. You are so lucky your guests almost all let you know their RSVP status. We had about 90 guests, but using my website only about 30 people rsvp'd. And i know it is not difficult to use the website! I was hurt by that, people just taking it for granted that there would be food or space. So I just decided not to do favors or worry about it. It all worked out for the best anyway but still.

    Did you make parents/siblings/grandparents/bridesmaids/groomsmen/ etc rsvp?

  3. Well I pretty much knew which family and BMs/GMs were coming but some still sent their rsvp in.

  4. Yeah I thought that was obvious. I was just wondering how some people can get so close to hearing from all of their guests. I'm not sure why our guests were so lax about it


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