Friday, July 30, 2010

8 Days to go!

Can you believe we have only 8 DAYS TO GO?! I'm so happy/excited/scared/ jubilated etc.  I don't know why, considering i'm already married but like I told you before, it was only 4 of us. Well 5 with my little person (my son).

Everything is falling nicely into place. I went to pay the final balance on my cake, actually my big sis did since she's gifting us our cake. I had a tasting. A little late I know but the guy had asked me to come back anytime because the day we placed the order, he was running around. I know what the cakes taste like cause we get all our cakes from that bakery. I still wanted a tasting though, to make everything official, you know.  It was my big sis/MOH and cousin/BM and of course my 2 year old drill sergeant. We had red velvet with cream cheese and white cake with vanilla filling. My boy even got a butter less/milk less cookie with sprinkles (allergies). He wasn't too  impressed though. My son is a very healthy eater. Even if he's unaware of it.

On another positive not, my chair covers came today. Thank goodness. I initially wasn't going to do anything but table linens but after I saw the chairs again, I couldn't get over their ivory green color. They just clashed with my color scheme.

I had received an email 2 days ago from UPS saying that they were having a delay due to flooring between Oregon and Illinois and I was seriously freaking out. But today when my buzzer went off and the man announced UPS, I could have kissed him. So now i'm 100 chair covers richer and one happy married lady bride to be.

I only have a few things to do like choreograph a simple dance for our first dance. Get my hair colored and relaxed etc. This should be interesting.



  1. Nope! Can't believe it. You have got to be so excited! You'll be so glad you got those chair covers too. They make a huge difference.

  2. From which company did you order the chair covers? I'm trying to help out a bride who's searching. Thanks! And I thought chair covers and sashes made a huge difference at our wedding. :)

  3. OMG 8 days....thats awesome congrats!!! MMM cake...that looks pretty tasty. I would have ordered chair covers too and Im not big on chair covers either. Do you have food set aside for your son for the wedding? How does he make out with his allergies? CONGRATS AGAIN! I bet your son is going to be so cute in your wedding!

  4. My MOH's wedding is the same day and I can't believe how time has flown by! Congrats and good luck with the rest of your planning. You're almost done!

  5. Wow, does time fly by! You sound so happy and cheerful, it's great to read! I did not practice the first dance or the father daughter dance, and both went fine. As long as you do a run through it should be great. I'm so excited to see your reception!

  6. Oh wow! you are almost there, lady! How exciting! It's all about to come together. Even though you're officially married, there's nothing like the celebration with all the family and friends looking on. So take it all in!

  7. Woooo!! The countdown's in single digits. I can only imagine how super excited you are!! :)


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