Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our kids' tables will be rad,

Countdown: 17 days
No. Invited: 116
Rsvp Yes: 84
Rsvp still missing: 14

at least as far as they're concerned. Way back when, I asked for opinions about whether to have kids at the wedding. I got very good feedback from all my darling followers with the general consensus being, "do what works for you."

We realized that so many of our guests would have trouble getting babysitters for their kids and some our guests practically begged us to have their kids so we caved. When we first made our guest list, we had 24 children under 10. That was hard to take in but now that we've received rsvps, we only have 16 children so I figure 2 tables of 8 each would be fine with someone supervising their tables. 

I want them to have fun and be occupied so that their parents can have some fun. Unfortunately, our venue doesn't have another room where I could throw put them, so i'm going to just make a corner of the room theirs.
This is the little activity book  and crayons that will be in each place setting. 

There are puzzles and pictures to color,

they get to decorate a wedding cake.
and draw their own pictures of the bride and groom. One of the ideas that I, um stole borrowed. This one from Happily After All.

I found these really cute aqua/teal and white flower pencils at Micheal's. They were full length pencils that I cut in half and sharpened an end of each. 

These are the centerpieces for their tables. I wrapped some ribbon around a plastic mayonnaise jar and stuck some shimmery butterflies (cut with my Martha Stewart punch) on them. I also stuck some of the little plastic diamonds on there too. I then wrapped the bottom of a tissue pom with a pipe cleaner and made a large flower. I stuck some other flowers and filler in the center and I was done. I'm going to weigh down the jar with sand or rocks. 

During the dessert buffet, I really don't want these little things tripping up the adults so I decided that they'll be served first and made these little cupcake stands for them.  They're from cake rounds that I stuck some ribbon around and the stands are styrofoam balls painted aqua.

Their cupcakes will be brought out  before the dessert buffet is announced and we'll serve them some mini ice cream cones as well. That should take care of the little buggers darlings. They will also have their dinner served first, again offsetting the trample to the buffet. They'll have macaroni and cheese, french fries and chicken fingers. Which kid doesn't like that. I figured I wouldn't use our wedding to try to get people's kids eating their vegs. Plus the adult buffet will have vegs so if a parent is concerned, they can grab some for their kids.
I think that should keep the munchkins occupied for four hours or so, plus they can always come and party on the dance floor.


  1. This is such a great idea! We have four less than 8 month olds, two two year olds and two ten year olds so we weren't sure what to do - the ages varied so much. They'll be seated with their parents so we think they'll be ok. We have a buffet dinner but the kids will get their meals - Mac and Cheese - served to their seats first. They'll also get vanilla ice cream sundaes with chocolate sauce (before the cake is cut).

  2. You're right - it's going to be rad!!

    Great job on everything.

    17 days....are you freaking out yet?? ;)

  3. They look great! The kiddies will love them! Great job! I would even have the kids food! Delish!

  4. great idea! love the activity book :)

  5. I think if I were at your wedding, I'd be wanting to sit at the kid's table! That sounds awesome! mini ice cream cones, mac cheese and cupcakes?! sign me up! And genius idea - cutting the pencils in half! Perfect for smaller hands.

  6. They’ll love the puzzles and games! I also think you’re making a great call about serving them their dinner and dessert first. That way, they’ll be out of the way and won’t get impatient.

  7. That's so nice of you! We only ended up with one 6 year old and 1 Three year old from out of town which was good. Everyone else must have gotten babysitters.

  8. Adorable! We've invited a few kids to our wedding and I'd like to have an activity book or something for them as well.


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