Monday, May 17, 2010


Remember my  post about adding another bridesmaid and therefore a "partner" groomsman to the wedding party? Well my FSIL,  the bridesmaid who was added, has now informed me that she is pregnant and that although she's only 2 months along she knows she'll be too sick to be in the wedding.

Although I totally understand  and feel for her, it does kinda put me in a bind. If you recall, we initially had a MOH, BM and 3 BMs and GM each.  Another reason why it's never good to make decisions based on what other people want. My FSIL and I are not that close and although I like her, she was not high on my wedding party list. My other FSIL who's Mr. Muscle's half sister is.  When we chose the original wedding party, Mr. Muscle was fine with it until the other FSIL said she was moving back to NY and all of a sudden we had to include her according to my sister and FH.

As you can guess, this created a few problems:
  1. We had to get another groomsman to be her partner
  2. I had to create another bouquet and bout when I thought I was already done, adding to the DIY list
  3. Then I had to rethink the whole dress decision  because I had already bought 3 and that dress was discontinued so I couldn't find a 4th
  4. Since we're self catering, I had all the special glasses and square dishes for the head table for 8 people. When it changed to 10, that was squashed.
  5. I had to get another bridesmaid and groomsman gift
  6. I had to get another parasol and if you know what Save-on-crafts shipping is, you know it's a pain in the patootie
  7. blah blah blah blah...
Needless to say, i'm not a happy camper and i'm definitely not going to replace her. But that leaves me with an extra groomsman. So what do I do now, un-ask the last groomsman?  Do I just let it be with 5 men and 4 women? I don't know what to do now. This is not what I want to be dealing with now. Help!!!!

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  1. Don't let it stress you!! I think these are the types of details, the married women tell us brides not to worry about! You can have two groomsman walk down the aisle with one of your bridesmaids. You could also ask that odd-man out to do something different. Maybe he can walk your mother or someone else down the aisle. The possiblities are endless! Nobody but you is going to notice an uneven party :-)

  2. I can see why you’re stressed, but try not to sweat it too much. We have seven bridesmaids and six groomsmen. For the walk down the aisle, we’re partnering two bridesmaids with one groomsman. It's simple, and solves the problem.

  3. I agree with the other posters. Don't uninvite him, that can lead to hurt feelings. I'm having uneven sides too, it's common nowadays :)

  4. I agree, don't un-ask him. I think its fine to have uneven numbers in the bridal party.

  5. My party might end up lopsided too but I'm not worried about it. I also have a girlfriend who had an uneven number and it worked out just fine for her wedding. Don't stress. Although, it does kind of suck how it messes up all of your pre planned items.

  6. Oh wow, thanks ladies, I never even thought of having a bridesmaid with 2 groomsmen. I actually like that idea. See that's why we need each other. Thanks again.

  7. I wouldn't unask either, I would imagine that would be very hurtful to someone. I love the idea of one BM being escorted by two GM's!

  8. Ugh! I totally went through this as Mr Fix It decided not to have 6 groomsmen to match up with my 6...he only had 5. Then about 2 months before the wedding, he added a 6th friend so it ended up even in the long run. Until then, I had planned on doing the 'match up 2 ladies with one guy' plan. It doesn't matter about uneven numbers...what sucks is all the plans that are affected based on your DIY projects, purchases, etc that now need to be added to. Sorry about that. It'll work out in the end.


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