Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More DIY Projects Done. (oops)

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had completed my table numbers as well but got so carried away talking about my card trifecta (gift tag, place card and photo-sharing card) that I completely forgot to include my other DIY project - the table number/menu.

This project actually came about from excess. I've mentioned how much I hate waste, so when I was left with 10 program covers after deciding that I was only going to make 50 programs (more on that later) . I had no idea what I was going to use the extras for. I was actually surprised that I had 10 left over. I must have cut the paper while watching a movie or something and got carried away. Anyway, here I was with 10 extras and based on my guest list, I think i'll have about 10 tables. Ding, ding, ding! You see my eureka moment?

So with a cut here, some glue there, I had me another combo. Ta da...

Our table number and Menu all in one. I just didn't have the patience to create a menu for all of my 90 guests plus it seems like a real waste of paper to me. How many people (except me) really take home the menu?

The front cover:
The great part is that our initials on the front are these really cute stickers that can be peeled off so if anyone wants to use these again, providing they have the same tastes in food and it doesn't have to be for a wedding but just a dinner party or something, they totally can.
My menu is very West Indian since most of my guests are West Indian. The food for the cocktail hour will be a mix of all types. I still have paper, in case I have to make a few more. So what do we do now? Check another one off the DIY list y'all.



  1. It looks great! We did a lot of DIY projects, too, but I don’t think we’re quite as talented as you are!

  2. I like your idea :) I'm the same way of thinking as you...not sense in wasting paper! I used the scraps from our invitations and the left over cardstock to make our DIY thank you cards.

  3. These look fabulous!!! Go Jem Go Jem!!


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