Monday, May 10, 2010

Make Up Major Fail

I had an appointment to have my make-up done with a Clinique consultant at Macy's on Saturday. It was set for 2:30pm and I got there at about 1:30. I wanted to have someone to instruct me on how to do my makeup and then i'd buy some to do my own on my wedding day.

Anyway I got there and asked for the lady that I was scheduled to see. Since I was early I didn't mind when she very pleasantly told me that she was with someone else and I would have to wait.   I really didn't feel like walking around the store so I just sat there waiting. She must have felt bad for me or something because she said that she'd get someone else to do me. An expert, she said. She said that this woman did makeup for weddings and that she'd know exactly what to do for me. Yay me!

Well that didn't turn out so great. The "expert" was although nice, clueless as to what to do with me. Maybe the fact that the she's latina and i'm black, we were just destined for failure, I don't know. She started out by asking me what I had in mind. Now dear readers I know nothing about makeup so I really didn't know how to answer that. She asked if I had any pictures and I said no. She said she couldn't really work unless she knew what I wanted. At this point, I was getting frustrated, you see the lady I had the appointment with was also black and I figured she'd have a better understanding of what would look good on me. After a whole lot of talk and no action, I finally said that the whole point of me coming for a consultation was so that I could have an "expert try colors and products out on me so we can decide what I needed to buy. If I knew what I wanted, I would simply buy it.

This lady really, really laid it on thick, literally. Maybe it was punishment for me not giving her more direction or maybe her expertise didn't extend to dark skin.  She put on this liquid goop on my face that literally looked like mud, the eye makeup made me look like I was recovering from something, I kid you not. I actually liked the eye liner and mascara that she did. It was the only thing I would like from the whole experience,  and it was an experience. I looked like a drag queen when all was said and done. I had this shiny burgundy-like lipstick and a muddy face with eyes that looked like Miss 2 piece and a biscuit herself -Mystique from Rupaul's drag race. What's worse another colleague kept saying "pretty" every time  she went past, further patronizing me.

Mystique from Rupaul's Drag Race

Needless to say, I won't be using any of her colors or tips. I only bought a powder and got a whole lot of crap as a bonus (best part of the day) and tomorrow I plan on trying out my own makeup from stuff that I already have at home and see how that turns out. Stay tuned...



  1. Good Luck. I could do my own but I really want a professional to do it since I am not so great. I plan to go to the Mac counter on my wedding day. I'll buy something in exchange for someone doing my make up. At least that's the plan as of now. Only problem is if I end up with someone like you got! I will definitely plan on bringing pictures after reading what you dealt with.

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry girl. What a jerk! if you have the nerve to work in the industry, by no means should you fail to work with all skin types. Unacceptable. I wish you would have taken a picture; that way you could ask those close to you what they thought. Even the best makeup feels extreme when you're not used to wearing it. I wouldn't give up. If you ever have a free afternoon try a different Clinique or counter all together. Don't forget about youtube videos! Good luck.

  3. Sorry you had a bad experience, but better now than on the wedding day! A talented artist should be able to help create a good look for you even without the help of photos or you telling her exactly what you want. It sounds like this lady just didn’t really know what she was doing!

  4. bummer! i did the same thing once, since I also know nothing about makeup..and macy's turned me into a bright purple-lidded spectacle. scary! but at least it wasn't your wedding day! Try again with someone more capable perhaps?

  5. This is seriously one of my biggest fears about having a MUA do my makeup! haha. I so do not want to look like a drag queen! I bought all bare minerals stuff and did my own makeup for our engagement shoot. I was so happy with how I looked, I might bring it along for my wedding, just in case.


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