Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More DIY Projects Done.

My table numbers are done and so are my photo-sharing / place cards. Whoever came up with the photo-sharing card is brilliant. Almost every guest who attends a wedding these days has a camera and usually gets awesome shots of everything. I know a lot of brides had someone design theirs through Etsy and then printed them through Vista Print or 123 Print. But I neither had the patience, nor resources for that. Plus I had all this leftover paper I had ordered to make invites and other stationery so I thought I should tackle this myself. Here's what I came up with:

The scanner didn't do it justice. Plus I was thinking of giving it a border with my mettalic silver sharpie. I'll see how that looks after I try one.

You may need to click on it to see it clearer.

I also wanted to use place cards for my guests since I want to make a seating chart. So I thought I would use the back of this card for the guest's name and I will attach it to the favor that will already be at each place setting. This way, chances are guests won't leave them behind. This is the back of the photo-sharing card which will be the front on the table attached to the favor:

 I used clean edge business cards that I already had. They cut off so easily and there are no perforations. I know the cards look a little colorless but since the favor wrappings are aqua, I think they'll do just fine.
I will punch a hole in the card and thread it through the ribbon that is going to be used to tie the favor.

So it will serve triple duty: gift tag, place card and photo-sharing card. I will post a picture of the final product at a later date.

I know they're not as pretty as the other's i've seen like Bee's over at BP Wedding which are gorgeous by the way but you can't beat free and immediate. I'm pretty much done with those. I may have to discard or make a few more if there are any changes to our guest list but for now, check off another DIY project.



  1. These look great! We did ours DIY, too, and thought they came out nicely. We definitely didn’t see the need to spend money having them made professionally, though I think that’s perfectly fine for those who really want to.

  2. They look great and I love the picture you used of the two of you. It's soo cute!! I think the silver border will work, if you chose to do it, but they look good as is too!!

  3. Wow! Fantastic!! You did such a great job.

  4. Wow, Jem, you are sooo creative! I am in LOVE with the triple function! And they look beautiful. The fact that you are caring enough to do this little detail will wow the guests. I'm not even going to have placecards/favors/tags at my wedding. You go girl!


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