Friday, May 21, 2010

Gifting my Peoples.

Since none of my wedding party know about this blog, I don't have to shoo anyone away.
All members of wedding parties have to spend money from their own pockets. Even when the dresses are bought for them, they still may need to get their hair done or nails etc. Not that it's required for our wedding but most people feel the need to look their best.

The boys in our party were asked to wear a black suit because we figured that most guys already have a black suit but 2 of them still need to get one. So I think regardless of what the dress code or style is , there will be some spending going on. Plus you choose the people closest to you whom love and who love you and if you're lucky you may even get them to help you with some of your projects. Not in my case since all my ladies live far, far away.

Anyway, to show our appreciation for  them just being there to stand with us we got them a little sum' sum'...

The two black boxes are from Zales and the third box is you guessed it Tiffany & Co.

Sorry about the picture orientation. I tried to change it but it wouldn't work.  These are the cufflinks for the gents. They're sterling silver with gold edges. I was able to get the on clearance after christmas at Zales. All in all, I paid something like $17 for them.  I also had a $50 coupon they had given me when I had made a previous purchase for my mom. They're gorgeous and I know those gentlemen will love them.

The second box contains my MOH necklace. The pictures don't look very good and don't do them justice. I wanted to get her something a little different from the BMs. It's also sterling silver and came from Zales.

This is the BMs' necklace. Don't let the Tiffany Box fool you. They ain't from Tiffany. I got them from a site called Jewelry TV. They were really a great price. They too are sterling silver and I paid only $12 for each. I used coupons here as well. I had these Tiffany boxes from presents from the FH. Actually only 2 of them. A friend gave me the other one.

The ladies at Zales were nice enough to wrap the men's gifts in silver paper. They also gave me some   very "manly" black ribbon to tie them but i'll use some aqua ribbon to co-ordinate with our colors. That should make the guys happier. lol

I also took advantage of a sale at Ann Taylor for my ladies. I got Almond Vanilla Warm Fig  body lotion and body mist. Unfortunately I only found the one type. It might actually be a good thing since no one will say that they would have preferred the other person's type/flavor/scent.  I got them for 3 for $10 and I stocked up.

I wanted to get monogram totes to put them in but that may not happen. I'll find some cute gift bags and tissue and whip up a cute little presentation for the ladies. The guys' gifts came with Zales gift bags so that's taken care of.

And with that, i'm done with gifts.

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  1. Amazing gifts! I know they will love them! The necklaces are so elegant, classy and beautiful.

  2. So great...I love the idea of necklaces for the girls...that's what I got my girls! And I got Mr Fix It a pair of cuff links as my wedding day gift to him :)

  3. The jewelry you selected is great, and I LOVE that vanilla almond fig lotion. Great picks, and I'm sure your bridal party will be very appreciative of these gifts!

  4. Great gifts! I'm sure they will love them!

  5. great gifts!! i'm in the process of trying to figure out what to get my girls now and i know patrick is trying to figure out what to get the guys... soon to come :)

  6. I just found your blog through your comment on Ghenet/Teneleventen's blog. I love reading your posts! I grew up close to Pelham & I've driven past the park/your ceremony site a bajillion times! Looking forward to more posts. ;)

  7. (i just love anything in a Tiffany Box!!!)

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