Saturday, February 13, 2010

I added another party...

to the party. The bridal party that is. Our bridal party currently is made up of 8 people. A matron of honor, best man, three each of groomsmen and bridesmaids. I was quite happy with this until I remembered my FH's other sister. Mind you, i've made all the bouquets and bought basically everything that I needed to for the bridal party. Today when I mentioned his sister to my FH, he asked why I hadn't asked her to be in my bridal party and I asked him why hadn't he? I thought we had talked about this and I told him who I had in mind. My sister as my MOH, my 2 cousins and his sister as my BMs. Dresses for the bridesmaids have been approved and bought and the thing is that there are no more of those dresses, period. I think I must have bought the last three.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I decided that I would have a matron of honor, and a maid of honor and 3 bridesmaids. That way, my maid and matron can have the same dress and the bridesmaids will wear their current dress since my sister hasn't bought or even made any final decisions on her dress yet. I told her today that she was going to have to share her title and I think she was a little PO'd. Short of just cancelling the dress and starting over from scratch, I don't see any other solution. I don't think I can ask the girls to do that, although I paid for the dresses myself as a gift to them. I just don't want her to feel left out cause we have a cool relationship and she would be the only sister not taking part. They're both half sisters to my FH, one maternal, one paternal so I don't want either one feeling left out or more special than the other. Ohhhh, what's a girl to do.

Since we added one more lady, we now have to add one more guy to even things out, so now my FH is going to ask my bro. It's back to work for me, I now have to head on over to michael's, dust of my drill and get to making another crystal bouquet and boutonniere. Aye yay yay!
TTFN (ta ta for now).

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