Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make Up Tips for the DIY Bride

Thinking about doing your own makeup for your wedding? Then these valuable tips are for you according to "Our Wedding Day".
Whether you will have a traditional, formal wedding or a beautiful casual affair – you want to look your best. Some brides-to-be make an appointment to have their makeup done for them, while others prefer to do it themselves. A few advantages you have include knowing what looks great on you and having applied your own makeup more than once in your life.

If you choose to apply it yourself, here are some great DIY makeup tips for your wedding.

Makeup Preparation –
The night before your wedding, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. This allows the makeup to go on smoother, look more natural and last longer. Be sure to apply a moisturizer after the exfoliation! Spread moisturizer once again on your face about 20 minutes before you start putting your makeup on.

Foundation and Powder –
One of the best DIY makeup tips for your wedding is to blend. As you put on your foundation, use a makeup sponge or your fingers to blend the makeup. This will keep you from having foundation lines around your chin and jaw. Applying powder is important because it sets the foundation and helps the makeup last longer. Be sure the colors match your skin correctly so the makeup will look natural and beautiful.

Note: If you have dark circles, a few dots of concealer before the foundation will help give you the look of ‘instant rest!’

Blush, Shadow and Shimmer
Blush should be applied sparingly to the apples of your cheeks. Smile while applying it and you will see exactly where it should go. Blend with your fingers so it appears natural and pretty. Your eye shadow, eye liner and mascara should be dependant upon what time of the day your wedding is. Ceremonies held at dusk or after dark, call for you to apply more to help your features stand out. However, if your wedding will be at midday, skip the eye liner and only apply a little mascara and shadow. Too much can make you look overdone!

A warning when applying shimmer – too much can make you appear sweaty or wet! Only apply a bit of shimmer under your eyebrows and on your cheek bones.

The great thing about doing your own makeup is that you can simply wash it off and start over if you don’t like it – without paying extra! Experiment with your makeup well ahead of time so you can perfect your technique and achieve the beautiful look you want.

I went to Macy's a few weeks ago and wanted to buy some foundation from the Clinique counter and the lady decided to try a few to get a perfect match. She then suggested that she just go ahead and make up my whole face. Of course I agreed and it turned out fab-u-lous. I'm so bummed that I didn't take a pic. Even my 2 year old said "mama nice" when I got home. Mr. Muscle said "wow, you should really wear make up more often, you look great". This coming from the man who said he didn't like to see women with too much make up. I don't wear any unless i'm going to a function or something. I've just never gotten into make up but I have to admit, when applied correctly, it really is great.

Is anybody doing their own makeup or maybe getting it done at a store like Macys or Bloomingdales?
TTFN (ta ta for now).

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