Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I’ve seen some of you creative Bloggers out there coming up with really clever names for your guys like Chocolate Lover’s “Mr. Milk”, Born to Be Mrs. Beever’s “Mr. Fix It” and Ms. Mojito’s Mr. Mojito among others, and I thought that maybe I should rechristen my guy.

So here are my thoughts:
Number 1. My name is Jem (pleasure to meet ya ) which really is an acronym for our names. My future last name starts with M and our first names start with J and E respectively. Therefore J + E M =JEM. Now Mr. Jem just doesn’t sound right, plus what would that make him Mr. J and E M? Nah, no good

Number 2. His number one passion, oh sorry I’m his number one passion (he he). So his number two passion is sports. All things sports. Football, basketball, baseball, etc. etc So maybe Mr. Balls? Ha ha ha. I swear I only realized how it sounded after I wrote it. Ok so that’s not going to happen either. Plus I don’t think he’d appreciate that so much.

Number 3. He’s a health Educator/ Counselor. Hmm… should I call him Mr. Healthy or Counsel man? Okay, someone needs to hit me, cause all these names sound dumb as hell. You realize I’m going through this thought process as I’m writing this.

Number 4 or technically number 5 since the last one had 2 potential names. Number 5 – Mr. Aqua? Well I am the aqua bride. So what’s the problem? For starters, it makes him sound like some underwater hero. I like the hero part, not so much the underwater part.

So that brings me to number 6. My baby loves to work out, especially his upper body and his arms are big and muscular. I feel so protected in those arms so I think I’ll call him - wait for it - Mr. Muscle. Yeah Mr. Muscle! Don’t hate ladies, my boo boo's got muscles and stuff. So from now on, My Darling FH will be replaced by Mr. Muscle. I’ll tell him his new name when he gets home. My not so very modest FH will think that’s a very appropriate name for him. My Mr. Muscle.

So what do you think?

TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. I was actually thinking Mr. Fit when you were talking about what he likes to do, so Mr. Muscle works for me :)

  2. Mr. Muscle! ha! I love it!! I guess if I were to give my fiance a special name, it would have to be Mr. Irish or something like that since he's Irish and damn proud of it. Ooh I know!-- Mr. Lucky Charms. LOL too funny. He would kill me. hehe.

  3. Hey! Just cut and paste the directions, and then save the logo onto your comp as a pic. Its like we're growing up together as bloggers!

  4. Haha I was just cracking up reading these.. I couldn't think of anything to call my FI so he just gets called by his name, Joe. Real clever, huh? :)


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