Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wine and Cake

In keeping with my crystal theme, I wanted my wine glasses to be crystal. Not for all the guests but for us and maybe the wedding party tables. The prices for crystal glasses were out of this world. Like these here from Waterford cost $100 for 4.

Tiffany had these beauties for $40 each.

That was the case with all my searches. I however have an account with Macy's and they occasionally (and by occasionally, I mean all the time) send me sales brochures, catalogues and coupons. Last summer a friend of mine was visiting from the Caribbean and wanted to go there, so I browsed through the brochure to see what deals she could get and voila, there they were

and the really great part was that they cost $26 for 4 of each set. Just for that day however, there was a coupon that could be used to bring the price down to $9.99 for 4. Thank you Shirley Ann! If I hadn't been looking for sales for her, I would never have found them. I was able to get 32 crystal glasses for $80 making it $2.50 each and I can use them in my house after. Service for 8, yay! I got 8 of each, water glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes and liquor glasses. That takes care of us and our wedding party.

Our cake knife and server had to also be in the crystal family and of course everywhere I looked they cost an arm and a leg until I went to walmart to look for Thomas DVDs for my son. There they were on sale for $9.97. I was lucking out everywhere.
aren't they purty?

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