Monday, November 23, 2009


I really want to have a tiffany "little blue box" wedding and i've tried to really stay true to that in many ways. This is my DIY ring pillow.

Similar ones sell for $24 and up. I was able to make mine for $3 and if I do say so myself, I think it's adorable. Really what's the point of spending a fortune on something that will be used for 30 minutes. I still want everything to be pretty and classy but I'm not going to keep them after the wedding so to me splurging on them is not important to me.

My card box is like the one shown here from wedding main street. It cost $100 or something crazy like that. I made mine for the cost of the wrapping paper which was $13. I picked up shoe boxes from payless and wrapped them with the paper like presents. I bought some ribbon for $1 and a huge bow for $1.99 from Michaels and used some rhinestones that I picked up from a craft store somewhere in North Carolina for $3 for three bags of 120 each. My bow is alot bigger than the one shown here. It covers the entire top of the top box. I didn't put a picture here because it's not assembled now. I wouldn't be able to store it, since it's so high. Tiffany blue gift wrapping paper is very expensive and I looked everywhere before committing to this one from Sophie's Favors It is the exact shade.

My flower girl basket has been reassigned to being the bubble basket. Since I was told my ceremony venue (the park) won't allow flower petals, my flower girl will carry an aqua pomander made from tissue paper hung from a ribbon and my bubble wands will be placed in this basket.
I was told it looked like something from Claire's anyway. Since I made it for about $3, I don't feel so bad and I still get to use it for something else. I'll give it to my flower girl when we're done.

These are my cute little aqua bubbles that i'm going to tie a sheer white ribbon to.

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