Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where in the world?

I have a little over eight months left and I still haven't booked a place yet. I've always wanted to have an outdoor ceremony and I had the perfect place. A friend of a friend offered me her home in Connecticut. She had over 2 acres of land, an outdoor pool for hosting cocktails around and everything just seemed to fit perfectly and the best part is that it was free. Well since the hated economy pulled the stunt that it did, she now has her house on the market, so that's out. So then I started calling up country clubs or other wedding sites, I couldn't believe the prices they were asking to host an outdoor ceremony and a reception indoors. It seemed crazy to spend that much money on a five hour event, even if it is my wedding. I realised that it was pretty much the same thing every where I called or visited. Apparentely when vendors hear the word wedding, their prices suddenly quadruple. It's ridiculous.

I kept seeing a park as a good option on many websites or blogs, so I called up my park and recreations city office and was told that I could have my wedding there for only - wait for it- $25 for the permit. That's it, that's the only cost, and I can take all the pictures I want after or before the ceremony. And guess what, I have just the park, it's so pretty. My FH and I are going to drive there in a few days to see where the best spot would be for us. I'll take some pictures for you.

There are a few issues with that option though, for instance I can't use any flower petals or anything that will cause any damage like stakes in the ground or anything like that. Honestly, that's not a problem for me. The park has such pretty flowers and well manicured grass that I wouldn't need to do that much anyway. I also have the option of having a beach wedding since the park borders the beach. I may get seats for our grandparents, but I figured the other guests won't mind standing for a 30 minute ceremony. I could rent chairs but I think it would be a really big hassle since they would have to be delivered way in advance and because it's a public park, someone would have to be there to watch over them and that's just too much. It would take hours to set up and deliver and pick up and clean up for a 30 minute ceremony and I just don't want to give that hassle to anyone. It should be a happy day for everybidy especially us. I don't want to have to worry about anything.

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