Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to wear, what to wear

When we chose our attendants, the main thing I wanted them to know is that I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to go out and spend alot of money because I know what the economy is like now (as does everybody else).

My FH is wearing a Michael Kors (his favorite) black suit that I got from Macy's during a men's sale for an awesome price. The cost of renting a suit or tux is ridiculous, although I think there's a promotion at Men's warehouse where the groom get's his tux for free if you rent for the other groomsmen, but I figured if the guys already had black suits then that would be one less thing for them to pay for and who doesn't have a black suit. Now it's their choice entirely if they want to go out and buy or rent a new suit.
My FH was a groomsman at a wedding 2 years ago and the tux and shoe rental were something like $280 - $300 and had to be returned early the very next day or he would incur additional rental charges and they weren't even that great in the first place. The suit I got him cost $450 but I got it for $182 and we don't have to return it the next day or any other day. This is not the exact one in the photo but it is a two button suit very similar and he can always rent or buy a vest if he really wants one.

From day one, I already said that I didn't want the guys to wear tuxes but just black suits. I don't even care if they all wear different suits, just as long as they're black, but they'll all wear a white shirt, the same tie (pictured here) I got them from for $15 each. So for those already owning a suit their final cost is $15 for a tie and black shoes if they don't have any. Oh and a white shirt. They may want a new one.

Our wedding party is made up of two ring bearers who are my nephew and his nephew respectively; a pretty little flower girl who is my niece; my sister who is my matron of honor; three groomsmen who are my FH's friends since they were kids, and three bridesmaids who are my two cousins and my FH's sister. Our son will be dressed like his daddy and serve as a best baby. So he'll have a best man and best baby.

The ringbearers will wear black suits which I already know they own, with white shirts and aqua or white ties, whichever one is easier or cheaper to find.
So their total cost would be about $10 for a tie.

The bridesmaids will wear this really great dress that I got from It is perfect for an outdoor event and since they're all really thin, the fact that it is pretty revealing is no problem.
The dress is really light turquoise/aqua but the true color isn't captured here.
They'll wear silver heeled sandals and very little jewelry since the dress itself has so much natural bling. There are stones around the waist and a circular brooch like thing with tons of crystals that links the right sleeve/strap to the rest of the dress. Very pretty.

My matron of honor is wearing something else in the same color but we haven't found a dress for her yet. My sister thinks she has all the time in the world.

My flower girl will wear an adorable white dress from David's bridal with a pool sash and pretty silver ballet slippers.

AS FOR ME, I have a dress from David's bridal that I kinda like but as any wedding planner will tell you, your dress should make you cry or at least speechless the first time you try it on. My dress doesn't do that for me. I like it but I don't get that aaaahhhhh when I put it on. Here's a picture.
It's a pretty dress but I just don't know. I tried selling it on this website and when the first person showed any interest, I pulled the ad. I'm just not sure what I want to do about it. I'm afraid that if I sell it, I won't get something else at the price that I paid for it in a style that I like or love. Then again, i'm afraid that on my wedding day, I won't feel the way I'd want to not loving the dress. If I see a dress that I really like at a price that I like, I would probably buy it but then i'll be stuck with two dresses and if I sell mine before hand then I may not find another. UUGGGGGHHHH! I just don't know what to do.


  1. I love your color choices! We are having a tiffany blue in our color scheme too! :) That dress is gorgeous! When I first created my wedding binder, it was one that I pulled out of a magazine and put in the binder. I totally understand how you feel about the dress. I am sort of in the same boat now, having bought a dress I am getting altered and not sure if I am in love with it anymore. Sigh. I was thinking along the same lines, that I could sell it online if I found something else that spoke to me...

  2. I actually bought another dress but i'll be keeping the first one after all. I bought a dress on sale at David's Bridal for $99 and decided that I would wear it for the reception, this way i'll have two dresses. I really like the other one but it's a bit too simple for the ceremony.


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