Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hi Y'all

Ok, don't kill me. I know i've been gone for ever but I weely sowwy, (puppy dog eyes).
I want to wish all the beautiful ladies who recently got married congratulations. I've been horrible, I know. I've managed to follow a little bit, I know the lovely Dancy, Jacin, Alicia and so many other of my darling bloggers tied the knot and as far as I saw from your little teasers, you all looked smokin hot, Congrats.

So much has happened since the wedding. Too numerous to mention all.
I started a kinda unofficial store making wedding stuff like card boxes, parasols etc and i've been really busy.

I've remodeled my entire living room, I mean from scratch and by myself people.

Mr. Muscle lost his ring at a freakin Yankee game. Yeah I know, i'm still bummed about that even if we've since replaced it. It's not the one I so lovingly picked out and slaved to pay for and slipped on his finger.

There has been some things better than others for instance we've decided to have another child so that been fun. he, he- bad, bad Jem.

I'm going to do a recap/recaps although not as detailed as many other brides since we didn't have the standard wedding with ceremony etc. so it will be a lot more compressed.

Stay tuned my lovlies and here's a little pic from our wedding day.



  1. welcome back to the world of blogging! :) Looking forward to more recaps!

  2. Looking forward to re caps. That is quite a bummer about that ring!

  3. Yay - so glad to see you back! You've been a busy lady! I can't wait to read your re-caps!

    And WOOT!! for being married!

  4. Welcome back, and I love the picture!

  5. So glad you're back! Looking forward to updates and recaps!! <3

  6. Yaay for being back. And yaay for more babies. Your little man is adorable so more is good. :)

    Cant wait to see pics. Wedding pics, Living room pics, whatever. ;)

  7. Welcome back! We can't wait to see more!

  8. I can't wait for the recaps. That pic is gorgeous!

  9. Welcome back! You look beautiful and I love your new header :)

  10. YAY!! Love this photo! And congrats on the store and the family!!! Cant wait to hear and see more! ♥ That stinks about his ring...but glad you were able to save for a new one.


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