Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our pseudo-ceremony

I really didn't want to be late so I made sure to tell everyone to meet at our apartment and we would all be there at the same time. My cousin from CT who was supposed to be there from that morning for some reason wasn't there by 6:30 so we left. That means we were down to 2 BMs and MOH.

When we got to the venue, my DOC was just pulling in. I was so mad. The DJ was also just setting up so we waited out in the parking lot. I was too pissed to go in.

Finally the DJ started playing music so the wedding party lined up to go in. I wanted Black Eyed Peas' I got a Feeling to play to kinda hype up the crowd but my dumb ass DJ mixed up the songs and played Anita Baker's Sweet Love for the entry song. That was supposed to be our song for cutting the cake. I honesly felt like crying. All my hard work and preparation ruined.

In spite of the fact that I gave him a chronological list kinda like an idiot's list. Honestly the list went like - the wedding party line up, you play "I got a feeling, by Black Eyed Peas". Let it play until we come in and are ready to start. I mean seriously the only way you can mess that up is if you can't read.

Saying a prayer 
The guys and ladies paired up and walked in to the lame ass song and stood on opposite sides of the dance floor. 

We waited at the entrance till we got the go ahead from the DOC and then my husband, son and I all walked in holding hands. I had to let go and gold to my dress because it was seriously tripping me up. 
As soon as we entered, everyone broke out in applause, whistles and cheers. OMG, I was so shocked.What the hell were they clapping for? Well as it turned out, word had spread that I done all the decor pretty much myself and I guess people were impressed. Really impressed. 

They clapped and clapped until Mr. M's cousin / oficiant quieted them down. 
I don't think I have to tell you how much better I felt right then. The night just took a turn for the better and from then on it was fun, fun, fun. I didn't think of anything else going wrong. Things would be what they would be. I had written the whole ceremony beforehand and Charles the officiant and I had gone over it and tweaked things here and there a few days before and in my estimation, it was just perfect. 
Our son wouldn't let anyone take him away, so we did the whole thing with him in his daddy's arms.

Charles conducted the little ceremony just as I had anticipated, even saying that I told him not to add anything and make it lively.

We didn't exchange vows since we had already done so at City Hall but we did kiss again for our audience. It was much appreciated.  
Of course our photographer didn't get the actual kiss and since we're not very comfortable kissing in front of people, it was a quick one. 

Disclaimer: the pictures are mostly dark because one of the banquet hall's managers had the bright idea to turn off the bright lights for ambience and none of us noticed till we saw the photos. 


  1. Sorry things got off to a rough start. I'd have been mad too. And messing up the song! That had to be a bummer but as a bride you just put it behind you and keep going right. That's what you did!

  2. That stinks about the music. Ours didn't go any better. Sounds like we had the same DJ. LOL

    You look gorgeous and I really can't get enough of your little man - he's just too dang cute!


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