Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is how it started

These recaps will be somewhat random since I have no idea how to proceed here.

Our wedding was a roaring success!  As far as my guests were concerned anyway. They never knew about all the behind the scenes crap. At first , I was really bummed but then I told myself the hell with it and it will be what it will be. As you know, my wedding was mostly all DIY.  Like all you other brides, I planned this thing down to the letter but when dealing with other humans, you really can't account for other people's doings. My DOC was so late that she was calling me at 6:45pm saying she was lost. The reception was to start at 7.  She was very little help although she kept saying 'everything's under control.' If I was the crying type, I would have been a hot mess.

Many things went wrong but so many things were just great.
The ladies and guys of our wedding party looked hot;

the food was delish;

The venue and decor were beautiful

I kinda took matters into my own hands and just started directing people and things really picked up then. Thank goodness I did otherwise I think everyone would have had a lousy time, especially me. Although we didn't have a professional photog, we got some really cool pics.

I have to say I absolutely loved the way the place looked. My crystal trees sparkled and shone in the light. My turquoise napkins went beautifully with the aqua tablecloths and white overlays. Although we totally forgot to light the candles on the tables. Sigh...

More to come tomorrow, stay tuned...


  1. Lovely! Everything looks as if it came out great! And I absolutely LOVE the picture at the top of your page with you holding the umbrella. Beautiful!
    I know what you mean when you say, "you really can't account for other people's doings". But more about that in my posts. =)
    Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that your DOC dropped the ball, but everything looks beautiful, and you do, too! :)

  3. I'm glad everything turned out well! I love the aqua dresses and details.

  4. Very pretty. There is always something that goes wrong! I guess that's some sort of nasty wedding rule.

  5. Love all the aqua. The chairs looked awesome. Chairs were a sore spot for me at our wedding. They screwed up.

    You're a good person - I'd hurt the DOC - she's there to allieve stress, not create it. Hope you paid her less. LOL

  6. Thanks peeps for all the compliments.
    Dancy I didn't pay the DOC. I guess that's what you get for free.

  7. Yay for re-caps! That is the best part about reading wedding blogs, is the part where you get to hear how it all turned out! I also love the aqua, it looked so nice!


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