Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Break in Recaps- Jem living

So remember a few days ago, I mentioned that I was redoing my living room? Well so far, i've painted with this beautiful color called Renoir, it's almost like a salmon color but a shade darker. The trim is bright glossy white. Now I need a few colors to really pop. I thought black would look really great against the wall plus jade or olive green, burgundy or even dark brown. I have a rug with all these colors and I could just tie the other colors in with accent pieces.I already have a few pieces of furniture that work, but I really need 2 console tables,  a coffee table and two end tables. I went to CSN Stores since i've shopped with them before and was always very happy with my purchase and their customer service.

I got all the disposables for my wedding from them as well as the table skirts for the buffet tables. I also bought this beautiful wall clock for my friend as a wedding present.

Here are the tables i'm trying to make a decision on:
The pictures are a bit fuzzy for some reason but I think you can still see them.

There is free shipping on both of these so that's not a factor. Please help me decide. Which one would you choose?



  1. I like the second one. The first has more shelves but the 2nd one is just more sleek.

  2. I love the first one, since I really like the three tiers of storage space. Both are beautiful, though!

  3. I like the 2nd one - it looks like one we almost bought at Crate & Barrel.


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