Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DIY Photobooth

I really, really want a photobooth but of course it's not within the budget so I thought I could make my own from the many posts i've read on the internet. When I find my venue (ha,ha) I'm going to set up a corner for the photobooth. It's not going to be a real booth in the true sense of the word but a little corner cordoned off. I will need a white cloth for a background, a few props like a mustache, feather boa, sunglasses, hats and the like.
Then I will have a camera set up to take pictures automatically of our guests. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get the pictures printed on the spot so the guests can take them home.

Is there anyone doing a DIY photobooth. How would you get the pictures to the guests?

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  1. You did not tell me that you were planning to have a photobooth…I love this…random pics that you guest take as they enjoy your special day…great idea. You need to get a Kodak instant camera…that is the easies option…either that or use a digital camera and have a laptop and printer hooked up to print the pics…but this latter idea is more costly.


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