Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am so sore all over from my exercising. I am once again a novice at this and my whole body aches. Going down stairs or stepping down from the car or the bed is excruciating. I expected to feel this way however and I know it will get better over time so I'm hanging in there. On the plus side I have alot more in spite of it beimg only 2 days since I started.

I'm doing the Slim in 6 program and i'm loving it so far in spite of the soreness. I just might lick this yet.
Tell me what you are doing to get in shape for those pretty dresses, and how you are able to stick with it? In the mean time i'll go rest my aching bones. So ladies, TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. The slim in 6 will only give you short term results. My opinion is portion control…cut out all the restaurant food – yes even the so call “healthy restaurants”. Walk more. The concept is to burn more than you are taking in. Don’t eat late at night, don’t skip meals, and don’t over eat because it fools your body into thinking that there is something wrong and that food is short so your body instinctually goes into starvation mode and actually holds onto the fat which it stores in the belly.

    Most important don’t think about your weight too much because all that preoccupation leads to focusing on the number and sometime you can lose the bulk of the fat and retain muscle and still weigh the same. So if you focus on the number you can’t see the results because you are thinking that you weigh the same so you did not lose anything, but in actually you did and are more toned.

  2. Good point Trecia......Jem how many lbs are you planning on losing... I am sure that all the running around after your son and getting this wedding planned will help do the job.


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